Wood Fired Textured Cup with Ash Glaze #03

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This cup was thrown on a pottery wheel, altered by hand, and made using a custom high-fire clay body. It features an ash glaze, and was wood fired for 5 days in an anagama style kiln. Usually, there are darker areas on the cup representative of how the flame flowed in relation to the piece and where the wood ash was deposited, but this piece was sheltered from most of the ash. In this instance, it allows for the white of the porcelain to better contrast the dark inclusions along the surface. This cup also features a spot on the outer glaze surface where it was fused to another pot during the firing. I separated the pieces and sanded down the spot so that a smooth cross section of the interaction can be appreciated.

The inclusions within the clay bodies I use vary between locally found materials, and select granite counter-top pieces that I process before wedging into the clay. By adding materials that are non-uniform in size, each session of making is a sort of collaborative effort between my intentions and clay itself. With no two pieces ever being the same, each moment of creating leads to new discoveries.

The process of wood firing is one full of chance. Generally speaking, it is collaborative effort among a group of people that work various shifts stoking and tending to the kiln so that it fires properly. Work is loaded into the kiln with the understanding that anything could happen, but it is that element of the unknown that keeps every firing new and exciting.

3" x 3.25" x 3.25" ; 7oz

Washing by hand is recommended, not tested for use in a microwave or oven. Please be mindful while handling - due to the nature of the clay body used, there will be minor holes, cracks, and rough/sharp areas. The textures and variance are what I strive for in my work, and I ask that they be embraced with an open and inquisitive mind.

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