Frequently Asked Questions

Do you take custom orders?
I am not taking custom orders at this time. 

When do you release new items/collections?
Items are listed regularly, but there is no set schedule.  Items are listed as they are curated and become available.

Will you be making more mugs, bowls, guinomi, etc...?

I made a purchase but realized my address is wrong. Can you fix it? 
Before you purchase anything you should always double check your information!   We are NOT responsible for undelivered packages due to incorrect shipping addresses submitted with order.  If the item is returned due to an incorrect address, the buyer will be responsible for shipping costs for the item to be shipped to the correct address.

If there is an issue please message me ASAP on Instagram, Facebook, or email me at codytamaianceramics@gmail.com or use our contact form.  I will do my best to fix the mistakes on the shipping labels but it is your responsibility to change your own information on your customer account for future purchases.

Will you have previews of your work before the restock?
We do our best to post new pieces to social media, and eventually we plan on sending preview emails to members of our mailing list.

Can you hold a piece for me?
Sure thing, just message me directly and we can work out the details.

Do you ship Internationally?
Potentially, though it will be done on a case by case basis.

Are your glazes food safe?
Yes, though given the rough nature of my work it is best to be selective with what goes on or inside a specific piece. If a tea cup has a small crater then tea, alcohol, or something of a similar consistency would be fine, but a stew would probably be a poor choice.

Where is your studio?
I work mostly out of my home, but I occasionally work at the Currier Museum's Art Center in Manchester, NH

Where are you located?
Concord, NH

I bought multiples, will you combine shipping?
As much as I can as long as the work remains adequately insulated.

Can I put my mug in the microwave?
They have not been tested for microwave use since I do not own one.

How do I care for my new pottery? 
If functional. wash by hand before each use, and keep it on display for your guests to see!

Discounted/ On Sale / Seconds
I do not discount my fine art items, nor do I sell seconds.  Sales or discounts on my functional ware may become available when purchasing multiple items in the future.

Unless requested, packages will be shipped priority through the USPS.

All items will be wrapped in natural Linen, tied with string, and insulated to ensure its safe travel.  We try our best to use upcycled materials in order to keep costs low, and to waste as little as possible.

Exchanges/ Returns
I do accept returns, but the buyer is responsible for shipping. If the work is returned damaged due to poor packaging on the buyers part, the cost will not be refunded.

Please see our full Returns and Exchanges policy page for more information: Returns & Refund Policy 

Tips for Purchasing
Create a customer account - fill out all your billing and shipping info correctly! This will save you a lot of time!

Sign up for my newsletter! Emails will be sent a few days before each restock with info about items that will be available for purchase, date and time of restock, special offers, etc.